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Swelling after Liposuction: What to Expect and What to do

Today, losing unwanted fat may look a lot different than it did just a decade ago. Many men and women are turning to non-surgical fat-reducing treatments to shed excess circumference. While there are advantages to such treatments, there are also limitations. This is why liposuction continues to be one of the leading cosmetic surgery procedure […]

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We can help you get ready for Summer

Usually, it is about this time of year when panic starts to set in. Summer is only a few short months away, and that often means a significant jump in Google searches for phrases like “how to lose weight fast.” Let’s not kid ourselves; weight loss is only one of several ways to get ready […]


What you may not Realize about the Facelift

Many people want to renew their youthfulness by minimizing the effects of time on their face. Lines and wrinkles are one thing, but there are other issues associated with the aging process that may be more challenging. This is why the surgical facelift remains so popular. Using minimally invasive techniques and attention to tiny details, […]


Important Considerations for Abdominoplasty

Every cosmetic surgery comes with its unique set of pros and cons. Part of your responsibility (and ours) is to know what these are. When you know what you can expect from the process of your elected procedure, you are better equipped to manage your recovery and your long-term results. Here, we want to shed […]


Need a Lift? Get to know your Options!

Facial aging has been a longstanding concern among men and women of a certain age. Today, we have ways to slow the development of lines and wrinkles – several of them. Still, there comes a point at which most people reach a crossroads. This point may come sooner than you would imagine. At San Antonio […]

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Create your Own Trend!

Do you love browsing magazines to see what celebrities are wearing this season, or how they are wearing their hair? Trends can be incredibly interesting, even tempting. We see how they drive everything from our preference in automobiles to seasonal clothing. What happens without us realizing it is a drive through fashion that dictates what […]

Beer, Bourbon & Bro-tox

Celebrate FATHERHOOD at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery on June 22nd 5pm – 8:30pm. Come learn about all the latest options available in enhancing your masculinity and slowing down the aging process. We will have live demonstrations, discussions, FREE consultations, FREE botox treatments scheduled at a later date and over $3000.00 in door prizes including KYBELLA, […]

Gynecomastia And Your Self-Confidence

It’s so great to feel confident, in any situation, anywhere, with anyone. If you are struggling with over-developed breasts, feeling self-confident may be but a wish and a dream, and it’s true – the way you feel about yourself can affect your relationships. Gynecomastia (abnormal breast enlargement) or as it is sometimes called, “man boobs,” […]

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