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New Survey Shows Women Prefer to See Results

In late August the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released a new survey showing that 89 percent of women would prefer to see breast reconstruction surgery results before undergoing the procedure themselves. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the ASPS between July 26 and July 30, 2012, and included 1200 […]

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Breast Reconstruction Patient Sharing Her Story

Surviving breast cancer is an ordeal that is not easy to share with other people. Kim Sport is a breast cancer survivor and is sharing her experience with breast cancer and breast reconstruction. In an ABC News report, Sport stated: “I felt it was very, very important to share that experience with other women because […]

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2012
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Jewel Selected as Spokesperson for National Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and breast cancer advocate Jewel has been appointed as the official spokesperson of National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day, which is set for October 17, 2012, according to a recent press release from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. BRA Day is a joint effort between the ASPS and the Plastic Surgery […]

Reconstructive Surgery Gives New Hope to Patients

Though elective plastic surgery gets headlines and reality shows, the more compassionate side of the field, reconstructive surgery, is where many doctors choose to spend a good deal of their time helping patients rebuild their lives. A recent Yahoo! News story highlighted a young girl who underwent a new type of reconstructive surgery called anaplastology […]

Mastectomy Patient Learns About Implant Alternatives

More and more women who have had mastectomies are learning their breast reconstruction options stretch far beyond the traditional implant, according to a CNN story. CNN Video In the case of Elizabeth Anderson, one month after learning she had breast cancer in April 2009, Anderson underwent a double mastectomy. Though Anderson initially believed the only […]

Breast Reconstruction Patients Turn to Tattooing

After many breast reconstruction surgeries, patients will often turn to a somewhat unconventional alternative when reconstructing a nipple and areola—having the nipple color created through the process of intradermal tattooing. This is done through a traditional tattoo machine or a surgical pigmenting pen. An article in the Syracuse Post Standard documents the story of one […]

Mastectomy Patients Prefer Silicone Implants, Finds Survey

Following breast cancer treatment and a possible mastectomy, patients have many continued treatment options moving forward. If the patient has undergone a partial or full mastectomy, she may choose to undergo breast reconstruction and make the decision to have breast implants to restore the breast. A recent survey published in the journal Cancer found that […]

Independent Patients Seek Advanced Breast Reconstruction Procedures

An increasing number of breast cancer patients are seeking microsurgical breast reconstruction, according to a study in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Doctors surveyed more than 300 women who had undergone breast reconstruction, all at a single institution.  Data was gathered about their age, background, referral patterns and decision-making processes. The conclusion was […]

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