NATRELLE® 410 Gummy Bear Implants

Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Breast augmentation allows women to achieve their ideal bodies thanks to a wide variety of procedure options and many different implant options. Silicone gel breast implants continue to be a favorite choice for women, providing them with results that look and feel extremely natural. Dr. Ortegon recommends Natrelle’s 410 gummy bear breast implants for women who want great-looking breast enhancement results that will blend seamlessly with the natural curves of your figure.

Why choose Natrelle 410 silicone breast implants?

Cohesive structure for improved safety and a more natural outcome.

Cohesive silicone gel breast implants have earned a reputation for achieving some of the most natural-looking breast augmentation results. They are FDA approved and their cohesive structure makes these implants extremely resistant to complications such as rupture, rippling, or leakage. It is because of this cohesive gel structure that Natrelle’s 410 implants have been nicknamed gummy bear implants. Like the gummy bear candy, the implant holds its shape and does not leak even when cut in half.

Shaped to look like real breasts.

Most women considering breast augmentation are not looking for the over-the-top results you often see with celebrities, but are looking to increase the shape or size of their breasts while maintaining a natural look or subtle enhancement. Natrelle 410 implants are anatomically shaped (teardrop shaped) to look like real breasts and mimic your body’s own feminine curves. With varying sizes, you can personalize the results of your breast augmentation to match your unique preference. Dr. Ortegon will listen carefully to your goals and expectations to help provide you with professional recommendations for your procedure.

How long do the results last with Natrelle 410 implants?

Women are enjoying long-lasting breast enhancement results with their Natrelle 410 implants. Because of the cohesive silicone gel structure, there is less risk of complication or need for revision surgery. Many women continue to see beautiful results for 7-10 years following their procedure. However, breast implants will not stop the natural effects of aging and are not meant to last forever. As the results begin to fade, women may choose to replace their implants with new ones and undergo additional breast enhancement procedures such as a breast lift.

For more information about breast augmentation with Natrelle 410 gummy bear implants, please contact our office to schedule your consultation at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, PA.

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