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Where do I begin, first an for most when you call to schedule your appointment you get the best welcome greeting over the phone, the girls at the front are the best an so beautiful. It doesn’t end there, when you arrive the wait is never long so you get the best feelimg that your being acknowledged all the time very well might i add. To the time you go to the back the girls from the clinic just make you feel great an reassure you these are the best surgeons in plastics…genevive is amazing so loving an caring, speaks so great about her physicians, that when you speak to Dr Baumholtz you feel like you already know him. Dr Baumhotlz was everything I hoped an prayed for, makes you feel at ease an talks to you about everything that goes on while in surgery an what to expect out of it..if he didn t feel you were a candidate he would let you know..most doctors wouldn’t believe me I know!!I had liposuction done April 7, 2015. So surgery day went amazing from the time I arrived at the hospital to when I woke up.MIGHT I ADD HIS ANESTHESIOLOGIST WAS AMAZING!! She made me feel safe under her care an I remember an felt nothing!!! Even hours after surgery i was pain free..Overall I would recommend this doctor a million times over. Thank you amazing team who made me feel an look beautiful!!!!

Review Rating : 5.0

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