Thermi Smooth

Exciting new modalities have been developed to help us manage the signs of aging without surgery. Patients of San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery have options, as well as personal assistance in determining the best approach for their individual needs. One option we are excited to offer is ThermiSmooth™.

What Is ThermiSmooth™?

The ThermiSmooth™ procedure is intended to reduce the signs of aging through collagen induction. The non-invasive therapy complements the body’s collagen-making capabilities, and promotes increased production over time. It does this by heating target tissue.

How Does ThermiSmooth™ Work?

ThermiSmooth™ is a transdermal remodeling system that emits precise, controlled heat to the collagen-producing cells beneath the epidermis. The immediate effect of heating is the constriction of collagen strands that support firmness. Additionally, the initial procedure prompts the ongoing increase in collagen proliferation. This means that strands that have become frayed over time are rebuilt into the strong, resilient matrix that is needed for smooth, youthful skin.

Who Is A Good Candidate For ThermiSmooth™?

ThermiSmooth™ is an excellent treatment option for men and women who want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or mild skin laxity, or both. It is important to understand that cosmetic lifting procedures will achieve more dramatic results than a non-surgical, heat-based approach. During your consultation, we discuss what may be possible for you, so you can make the best decision for your unique needs.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated By ThermiSmooth™?

ThermiSmooth™ treatments may be conducted on the face and on the body. Common facial treatment areas include the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck.

How Many Treatments Will I Need? 

The number of ThermiSmooth™ treatments that are needed will depend on the current condition of your skin. Prior to treatment, a thorough consultation and evaluation is conducted. After this step, we will be able to estimate the appropriate number of treatment sessions to achieve the desired outcome. Tyically, patients realize their aesthetic goals with a series of 3 to 6 treatments.

Watch Amy perform a ThermiSmooth demonstration 

How Can I Prepare For My ThermiSmooth Treatment?

There are two vital ways to maximize your ThermiSmooth™ treatments. The first is to avoid smoking through your treatment program. The second is to stay hydrated. Smoking dehydrates the skin and inhibits adequate oxygenation of tissues, so could work against rejuvenative treatments. Adequate hydration is vital to the restructuring and repair of dermal tissues. It is also advantageous to discuss medications and supplements with your doctor prior to beginning your ThermiSmooth™ protocol.

Are There Any Alternative Procedures That Will Give Me The Same Results As ThermiSmooth

There are several treatment options to tighten and smooth aging skin. However, ThermiSmooth™ is different due to the gentleness of the process. Other common treatments include laser resurfacing; but such procedures may involve discomfort and downtime because the mechanism in this approach is to remove upper layers of dermal tissue.

What Are The Benefits Of ThermiSmooth™?

The gentleness of the ThermiSmooth™ treatment protocol make it suitable for individuals who prefer a non-surgical, toxin-free approach to skin rejuvenation. The device features precision temperature control, which allows for customization, optimal comfort, and a high degree of  safety.

Is There Any Pain Associated With Treatment?

Most patients describe their experience as comfortable and relaxing. Because the system automatically adjusts heat based on feedback from the patient’s skin, only a slight warming sensation is typically felt.

How Soon Will I See Results?

It is possible to begin noticing positive changes in your skin after your first ThermiSmooth™ treatment due to the immediate tightening of existing collagen fibers. However, improvements in the tightness and smoothness of the skin continue to progress as new collagen floods the connective tissues deeper beneath the surface. These results continue to become more noticeable over 3 to 6 months.

Will I Need To Take Time Off Work? How Long Is Recovery?

One of the wonderful aspects of the ThermiSmooth™ treatment is that there is no need to take time off from work or your other activities!




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