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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryBody Contouring After Massive Weight Loss on “The Doctors”

Danny Cahill, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, lost over 230 lbs through exercise and watching his calories. After such a dramatic transformation, he could not fully enjoy the results because he had a large amount of excess skin on his body.

On a recent episode of The Doctors television show, he found a resolution to the problem, a series of plastic surgery procedures commonly called “body contouring after massive weight loss.” With the help of plastic surgeons Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra, Cahill was able to remove about 15 pounds of skin from his tummy, chest and back.

Tuesday’s episode of The Doctors featured Danny Cahill once again, fully recovered from surgery, revealing his new body.  “I really feel like I can take my shirt off in public now and not be embarrassed about it,” said the patient.

After massive weight loss, plastic surgeons can perform several procedures to help patients with excess skin. Body contouring procedures like the body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and other procedures may be recommended by your plastic surgeon.

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