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There are many factors that contribute to the sagging of a woman’s breasts.

Common factors such as aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and breastfeeding play a role. All women will experience a drooping of the breasts at some point in their lives due to the natural aging process, but for some, it occurs at a younger age than expected. If you are unhappy about drooping or sagging breasts, and are interested in a Breast Lift San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery can help you achieve more youthful, perkier breasts.

3 Degrees of Sagging or Ptosis in the Breasts

  • Minor breast ptosis: the nipple is level with the breast crease
  • Moderate breast ptosis: the nipple is below the breast crease
  • Severe breast ptosis: the nipple is the lowest point of the breast

A breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Ortegon can deliver results that are naturally beautiful – for most women, this can help restore their lost confidence. The success and the kind of results you can expect of course depend on the present condition of your breasts. When you come in for your San Antonio Breast Lift consultation, Dr. Ortegon will determine the proper technique to address the degree of ptosis that is present. Many women choose to have breast implants placed at the time of their lift to restore volume as well.

San Antonio Breast Lift

Why should I Choose Dr. Ortegon for my San Antonio Breast Lift Procedure?

If you have decided to get a Breast Lift, one of the most important decisions is choosing a plastic surgeon with an established reputation, and who is highly skilled and experienced. Dr. Ortegon is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, as well as President and Director of San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery. He has a reputation for being among the best plastic surgeons in San Antonio.

He offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures and specializes in breast and body procedures. Having performed numerous Breast Lift surgeries through the years, Dr. Ortegon is a highly sought after plastic surgeon with an ever-expanding family of patients who have walked away happy and completely satisfied with the result of their breast lift procedure.

“Best doctor ever!! I had been searching for a plastic surgeon for almost 5 years and I finally met Dr. Ortegon!! All of his staff are very friendly and so patient, they were truly calm and the whole procedure was so smooth. Highly recommend him!”

Am I A Candidate For Breast Lift?

Women who are experiencing sag or ptosis in their breasts and are troubled because of excess skin can be ideal candidates for breast lift surgery (or mastopexy). However, a breast lift procedure will deliver the best results based on two important considerations, including the following;

  • If you are not planning on expanding your family. This is important because although you can breastfeed even after your breast lift surgery, the process of breastfeeding can cause the shape and position of your breasts to change.
  • It is also important that you achieve and maintain your ideal weight before getting a breast lift surgery. This is important because weight loss or weight gain post-surgery can change the shape of your breasts.
Breast Lift San Antonio

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

The type of incision that Dr. Ortegon will make depends on the degree of breast ptosis.

A small amount of breast sagging can be corrected with an incision that circles the areola. A large amount of ptosis will be corrected with an anchor-shaped incision on the lower part of the breast. Dr. Ortegon will remove glandular breast tissue and loose skin to elevate the breasts and nipple-areola. The nipple will then reside at a higher position on the breast, and the whole breast will sit higher on the chest wall.

Breast Lift Surgery Results

The results of your breast lift procedure will be noticeable right away.

But you will need to rest and recover for several days. You may have some swelling and will have to care for your sutures and incisions. If you had surgical drains placed, you will need to care for them. Breast lifts leave a permanent scar but should fade and flatten significantly over time with the proper care and protection.

Breast Lift FAQ

No. Dr. Ortegon typically performs Breast Lift surgery under general anesthesia so you will be absolutely comfortable and in no pain. Post-surgery, Dr. Ortegon will prescribe pain medication to help relieve any pain or discomfort.

Your breast lift procedure can take around 2-3 hours.

A Breast Lift procedure will require some downtime. In most cases, our patients can resume light activities within 7 to 10 days. They can go back to their normal routine after around 3 weeks post-surgery. You will, however, be advised to avoid any kind of strenuous physical activity during the healing period as heavy lifting or exercising can put pressure on your surgical incisions.

Yes. A breast lift procedure will have no impact on your ability to breastfeed if it is performed by a highly-skilled board-certified expert plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ortegon.

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