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San Antonio, TXBreast Implant Removal

There can be a number of reasons for undergoing breast implant removal surgery. In some cases, this decision is necessary because of certain breast implant-related medical conditions.

Women may also decide to undergo breast implant removal surgery because they are not happy or satisfied with their current breast implants. Whatever be your reason for deciding to undergo a breast implant removal surgery, if you are looking for an expert plastic surgeon who is highly experienced and skilled in breast implant removal, then we invite you to set up a consultation with Dr. Ortegon.

Dr. Ortegon is among the leading names in San Antonio when it comes to breast implant removal. He is a renowned board-certified surgeon, who has performed numerous breast implant removal surgeries including en bloc removal of the implant capsule. Dr. Ortegon is widely recommended by a number of on-line support groups for women who want their breast implants removed either for health, cosmetic, personal, or other reasons.

What Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

A breast implant removal surgery is a relatively common surgical procedure that is carried out to remove previously placed implants via an incision. During the procedure, if necessary, any built-up scar tissue will also be removed. Once this is done, the incision will be closed and the procedure is completed.

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Implant Removal?

If you are seriously considering having your implants removed either for medical, cosmetic, or lifestyle reasons and are in relatively overall good health, then you could be a candidate for a breast explant.

Why Choose Dr. Ortegon for your Breast Implant Removal

A number of our patients come to us because they were recommended by a previous patient or because they read a number of good reviews posted by our family of happy and satisfied patients. However, that is only half the story – the decision of our patients to go ahead with Dr. Ortegon is solidified when they come in for a personal consultation.

And the reason for this is because after consulting with Dr. Ortegon, our patients feel extremely confident not just in his skills and expertise as a plastic surgeon, but also as a doctor who honestly cares for their well-being and only wants what is best for his patients. It is about feeling a sense of safety and comfort and being cared for, both before and after their surgical procedure. Not to mention, Dr. Oregon’s reputation for consistently delivering results that meet patient expectations. It is for all these reasons that Dr. Ortegon has stamped his reputation of being one of the best choices for breast implant removal surgery in and around San Antonio.

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Should I Get A Breast Implant Removal?

As mentioned above, women may decide to undergo a breast explant for a number of reasons.

  • Dissatisfied or unhappy with your breast augmentation surgery results.
  • Personal decision to get back to your original breast size.
  • Medical complications either caused by your breast implants or medical condition that is related to your breast implants.
  • If you are experiencing BIA-ALCL symptoms – this can happen if you have textured breast implants which have been recalled by the FDA.

Preparing for your Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Prior to your breast implant removal surgery, you will be required to undergo special tests which include getting an ultrasound and mammogram, and an MRI.

You will also be required to follow set guidelines with your diet. You will also be asked to discontinue certain medication and refrain from drinking from smoking as well at least two weeks before your surgery. Post your surgery, it is highly advisable that you have a family member, relative or friend drive you back home.

Is Breast Implant Removal Painful?

No. Breast implant removal surgery typically takes approximately one hour to complete. During this time you will be administered an anesthetic by Dr. Ortegon so you will not experience any discomfort or pain during your breast implant removal surgery. Post your breast explant, Dr. Ortegon will prescribe pain medication to effectively alleviate any post-operative pain or discomfort.

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