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Chemical Peels San Antonio, TX

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Reveal substantially brighter, softer skin

Our customizable Chemical Peels in San Antonio contain a synergistic blend of acidic exfoliating agents in concentrations that are safe for many skin types and concerns. In the hands of our experienced aesthetic providers, you can improve the skin's radiance, texture, and resiliency on your face and body while erasing imperfections such as photodamage, roughness, age spots, and certain types of scarring.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin by removing the outer layers where damage can occur from things like acne, wrinkles, scars, or sun-damage. It can be used on the face, hands, or neck, resulting in a smooth texture and even tone, leaving a noticeable, natural glow.

There are three different types of Chemical Peels:

  • A light chemical peel will remove and exfoliate only the outer layer of skin and is best used for uneven pigmentation, dry skin, acne, or fine wrinkles. Since light peels use a low concentration of active ingredients, the skin’s softness and vibrance improve immediately, and any peeling that occurs afterward tends to be minimal. Mild peels are excellent leading up to special occasions when you need your skin to look its best. The glowing results are similar to a professional-grade facial.
  • A medium chemical peel treats acne scars, uneven skin color, and deeper wrinkles. This procedure removes the top and upper-middle layers of skin. As the skin cells turnover and repair themselves, they are replaced by new, healthy skin cells. As a result, firmness and tonality improve, and the skin takes on a luminous glow and notably smoother texture. Post-peeling redness and flaking are generally moderate and short-lived. Application of a non-fragranced intensive moisturizer and SPF after the peel will tame any flaking and protect the freshly resurfaced skin.
  • Deep chemical peels come with the most risks and are used to treat sun-damage, blotchy areas, scars, and some pre-cancerous growths. It involves Vitamin-A pre-treatment to thin the skin’s layers, and anesthetic may be administered during the procedure. While redness, crusting, and significant skin peeling may occur afterward, these side effects are temporary. The resulting skin improvements tend to be more dramatic than peels with a low concentration of actives. Deep peels are usually reserved for those who have severe or resistant skin issues due to the downtime associated with them.

During your consultation for Chemical Peels San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery's team of specialists will determine which procedure is best for your needs.

Chemical Peels San Antonio
San Antonio Chemical Peels


A custom skin peel can deliver outstanding results when the client adheres to the recommended course of treatment and aftercare recommendations. Likewise, providers must select and apply the appropriate peel strength and ingredients to yield a great result. Therefore, it's important to see a highly trained San Antonio Chemical Peel specialist if you want the best aesthetic outcome.

As a non-invasive skin treatment, chemical peels remove the damaged outer layers to reveal the refreshed, young-looking skin beneath. Clients who have peels regularly are rewarded with improved skin texture, clarity, and tone. This skin rejuvenation treatment is fast, convenient, and produces dramatic skin improvement, in some cases instantly and over time.


Peels continue to be popular at medical spas and dermatology practices around the country. They are highly effective and have the capacity to treat a wide range of skin concerns. From dialing up radiance to alleviating sun damage, scars, and textural issues, peels can do it all.

While there are many new-age skin resurfacing treatments such as lasers, HydraFacial, and diamond-tip microdermabrasion, peels remain a staple of the skincare industry. Depending on the peel strength, your custom Chemical Peel may also:

  • Improve overall skin texture and tonality
  • Increase collagen production for firm, taut skin
  • Stimulate skin cell turnover to combat dullness and flaking
  • Minimize imperfections such as scarring, age spots, clogged pores, and solar damage

Who is a candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels are an excellent way to diminish sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and post-acne marks on the face, neck, and body.

Certain skin types may not be optimal for Chemical Peels. Dark complexions carry a risk of temporary or permanent color change and uneven skin tone, as well as any skin with a history of brownish discoloration. Skin prone to sagging or deep wrinkles may also not respond well to treatment. Certain medications such as hormone or acne treatments may also be a deterrent.


The professional-grade Chemical Peels at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery are designed to improve an array of cosmetic issues. You may be an ideal candidate if you have:

  • Dullness
  • Post-acne scarring
  • Rough or textured skin
  • Enlarged pores and congestion
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, or loss of elasticity
  • Sun damage, freckles, liver spots, and melasma
model after Chemical Peels in San Antonio
San Antonio Chemical Peels model


The best Chemical Peel in San Antonio for your skin type depends on your aesthetic concerns and your skin condition. The renowned skincare clinicians at the San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery MedSpa are well versed in all types of chemical peels and proper application techniques. With personalized guidance from a dedicated skincare specialist, you can easily find the right peel for your skin's particular needs.


Your private consultation at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery begins with discussing your aesthetic concerns and goals. Your provider will also conduct a thorough skin analysis to determine your skin type and conditions. This process allows them to select the ideal Chemical Peel ingredients and strength for your unique needs. While nearly all skin types can benefit from chemical peels, they may suggest alternatives to chemical peels or combined treatments for best effects.

What can I expect during a Chemical Peel?

After choosing what type and depth of Chemical Peel is best for your skin, the area will be thoroughly cleansed. Your professional will determine how strong of a chemical solution will be appropriate— a stronger chemical will be chosen for a deeper peel. Next, a solution of one or more chemicals is applied to the area and left for however long is needed, depending on the depth of the peel. You may experience some burning or stinging sensation during this time and may be administered some pain medication. After the appropriate amount of time, the chemicals may be rinsed and neutralized, and additional steps to moisturize and soothe the delicate skin may take place during a deeper peel.

Results and Recovery

Depending on the level of your peel, recovery may be anywhere from one to two weeks. The treated area may feel similar to sunburn, with flaking and peeling occurring as the skin heals, as well as some swelling. A deep chemical peel may require painkillers and rest from certain activities, as the skin is sensitive and prone to infection during this time. Any chemical peel will leave the skin sensitive to sunlight during healing, and sunscreen should be used regularly.

Since your skin is vital in keeping out harmful materials, any chemical peel carries a risk of scarring and infection. The process creates a wound that will need to heal with careful treatment. Be sure to follow any steps given by your professional. Depending on the level of your peel and how many chemical peels are done as apart of your treatment plan, your results may vary. The treatment will leave your skin smooth and radiant, as a completely new layer of skin takes the place of the old. Your Chemical Peel treatment is best complimented with one of our medical grade skincare regimens.

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San Antonio Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel FAQs

Chemical peels provide lasting improvement, anywhere from a few months to a decade, depending on the strength of the peel. The initial healing process, which lasts anywhere from a few days to several weeks (again, variable based on the peel strength), is well worth the longevity of results.

It is safe to have light and medium-depth peels every few weeks. The strongest Chemical Peels may only require a single treatment to accomplish your desired results.

While most clients note improvements in skin quality after one peel, most clients do best with a series of peels. This is because the results of skin peeling are cumulative and get better with time.

Both treatments exfoliate the outermost skin layers, although their mechanism of action differs. Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals sprayed over the skin to physically abrade the uppermost dead cells, revealing a brighter, softer skin tone. Chemical Peels use skin-safe chemical exfoliants to break apart and dissolve the bonds between the dull, dead skin cells to unveil the renewed, healthy skin hidden underneath.

Chemical Peels for acne scars can yield a smoother skin texture and lift away uneven pigmentation that is left behind after acne breakouts. Peels can even clear congested pores to prevent future blemishes.

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