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San Antonio, TXBreast Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation with fat grafting, or natural breast augmentation, is a surgical procedure where a plastic surgeon uses your own fat to enhance and increase the size of your breasts.

It’s no surprise that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in San Antonio (and in America), as enhancing the breasts not only improves body proportions, but can also provide women with a renewed sense of self-confidence, not to mention limitless clothing options.

However, many women do not seek breast augmentation surgery because they are uncomfortable with the idea of having foreign implant materials in their bodies, no matter how safe they are or how natural they look and feel. For women with these reservations, a natural, innovative breast augmentation procedure is now available. Instead of using traditional saline, silicone or cohesive gel implants to enhance and enlarge the breasts.

Your own natural body fat can be harvested and used for breast augmentation with a procedure known as fat grafting. Now more than ever, fat grafting is a viable option for enlarging the breasts thanks to technological advancements and refinement of fat harvesting and grafting techniques.

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation: The Procedure

During the breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure, fat is harvested from a donor area using liposuction (usually the buttocks, thighs or abdomen). It is important to note that not just any liposuction procedure will work, however, as liposuction procedures that involve lasers and ultrasonic devices can damage the fat cells so that they will not survive the transfer process.

Be sure to have a discussion with Dr. Ortegon well in advance of undergoing liposuction if you have an interest in fat grafting. Once the necessary amount of fat has been gently removed from the donor area, it is prepared for transfer and carefully transplanted, or grafted, to the breasts. Incisions are minimal and very discreet, and most patients require only local sedation anesthesia for the procedure. The fat transfer process, although demanding for the surgeon, is fairly simple for the patient and requires little recovery time. Remember that the success of fat grafting performed on any area of the body is highly technique-dependent. Get this procedure done by our board-certified plastic surgeon, and don’t see just anyone offering “fat injections.”

Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Immediately after natural breast augmentation with fat transfer, your breasts will typically appear larger than they will be after you’ve reached your final results, as about half of the fat that is originally grafted to the breasts will be reabsorbed by the body within a year’s time. The fat that remains; however, will provide permanent, natural breast augmentation results that offer, on average, a long-term increase in breast size of about one half cup size to a full cup size in each breast.

Fat Transfer Risks

As with all fat transfers, natural breast augmentation does carry some risk. Minor risks include over-absorption of transplanted fat and contour irregularities or lumpiness. Other rare but more serious risks include fat necrosis, development of fatty cysts, inflammation, calcium formations and false-positive mammograms.

We encourage you to keep in mind as you evaluate the potential risks of the fat transfer procedure that most side effects are rare, and side effects are even more unlikely when fat grafting to the breasts is performed on the right patient by a skilled, experienced surgeon. Service areas include: San Antonio, College Station, Houston, Austin, Schertz, Corpus Christi, Plano, Dallas, Laredo, New Braunfels, Boerne, Eagle Pass, McAllen, Grapevine & San Angelo Texas.

The success of any fat grafting procedure, and particularly for natural breast augmentation, is largely dependent on the technique and skill of your surgeon, so choose a highly experienced, board-certified San Antonio plastic surgeon for your natural breast augmentation procedure. Call (210) 664-4103 or use the contact form to send an email to our San Antonio office. Our plastic surgery practice is located at 11130 CHRISTUS HILLS SUITE 108 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78251.

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