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San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery is among the first CoolTone providers in the United States!

Our expert San Antonio CoolTone specialists can help you create a firmer, more athletic appearance using innovative technology. Each treatment provides muscular contractions equal to about 30,000 crunches or squats!

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What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a muscle-firming technology that strengthens the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Unlike CoolSculpting, which eliminates fat, CoolTone contours the body by creating firmer muscles.

The two pair perfectly together for the ultimate non-invasive body contouring and smoothing program. Cooltone is the newest muscle body contouring device from Allergan, the same company that created CoolSculpting. This treatment can strengthen and tone the body through supramaximal muscle stimulation that is unattainable from a regular workout.

What Can I Expect During the CoolTone Treatment?

When you arrive for CoolTone San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery staff will prepare you for your treatment. You will be able to relax in a comfortable position. This treatment is non-invasive and painless so no numbing gels or pain management steps are necessary. The handpiece will be stabilized on the desired treatment area. During the treatment, you will feel the muscles contracting. This will start on low-intensity and progress during the treatment to create the involuntary contractions for the best results. The total treatment time takes about 30 minutes.





Introducing Your Specialist

Nicole Fernandez

Nicole Fernandez, San Antonio CoolTone Specialists

Nicole Fernandez has over 9 years of Medical Assistant experience, 5 of them working alongside Dr. Ortegon. She has attended CoolSculpting University twice and holds an Advanced Certification in CoolSculpting. Her favorite service to provide is CoolSculpting because it’s without a doubt that results are delivered and patient satisfaction is achieved.

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Benefits of CoolTone

No Anesthesia Necessary!

Stimulate contractions impossible with normal exercise

Treatments take as little as 30 minutes

Are There Parts of The Body that That CoolTone Cannot Treat?

CoolTone is not suitable to be used on the chest area. It also has not been FDA-cleared for use on the arms. The only recommended treatment areas for this device are the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

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How Does It Work?

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CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to penetrate the muscle layers and cause the muscles to contract involuntarily.

This helps to strengthen muscle fibers, resulting in a more toned and athletic appearance. MMS stimulates deep muscle contraction that isn’t possible with traditional exercise. This means that you can achieve definition with CoolTone beyond what might be achieved through a workout routine.


There is no downtime associated with CoolTone treatments. You can return to normal daily activities immediately after your CoolTone appointment if you choose.

The best candidates for CoolTone are generally healthy. They eat healthy and exercise regularly, but have been unable to achieve their desired results through these methods. Note that CoolTone strengthens muscles, but doesn’t remove excess fat or loose skin. Schedule a consultation to determine whether CoolTone is the right treatment option for you.

CoolTone can not be placed over metal or electronic implants, and is not recommended for use if you are currently menstruating.

The side effects associated with CoolTone are minor. They include temporary muscle spasms or pain, skin redness in the treatment area, and temporary pain in the joints or tendons. Most patients will feel like they’ve had a very intense workout after receiving the treatment.

CoolTone sessions take about half an hour to perform. Most patients repeat sessions over the course of several weeks in order to achieve their goal results. We recommend a package of four treatments over a two week period, with each treatment scheduled two days apart for optimal results. One 30-minute treatment each quarter for maintenance is also recommended.

The CoolTone device has been FDA-approved to treat the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. This system helps to give you the defined results that you have been working for. It can put the final touches on abs, toned thighs, and a firm buttock. CoolTone is best done for people who workout regularly and want some help with their results. Patients can notice some change after just one treatment with most patients getting a minimum of 4 treatments for best results.

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