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San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery is in the top 1% of all Allergan providers! That means that our volume of usage allows us to provide the very best prices while offering an exceptional level of expertise!

If you are looking to restore your youthful appearance while eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery offers nonsurgical options such as dermal filler injections. These injectables work by filling in wrinkles and lines and restoring lost facial volume in addition to hydrating your skin. There are four primary dermal fillers offered at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery – Juvéderm, Juvéderm Voluma XC, Juvéderm Vollure and Juvéderm Volbella. Even though all of these are different in composition, their purpose remains the same. All of these fillers from Juvéderm add the required support and structure to your skin giving it youthful volume.

Juvéderm and Juvéderm Voluma XC is made up of hyaluronic acid which is composed of a natural sugar-based substance that binds to water and gives your body its natural plumpness. Sugar molecules attach to one another using chemical crosslinks and they make larger and smaller sized particles in order to target deeper and finer wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid filler is mostly dissolved by the enzymes of your body within 6 to 12 months. Juvéderm is by now the only filler based on hyaluronic acid that has been approved by FDA and the results you achieve with it can last for over a year with just a single treatment.

How Dermal Fillers Work

Filler is also known as soft tissue fillers and they are injected within the creases and grooves of your skin. Dermal fillers are used with simple procedures for augmenting your chin, fill the deep creases in the cheek area and they also restore the youthful rounded contours of your cheekbones.

Our master injector Cynthia Durieux, BSN uses these dermal fillers mostly for the frown lines, smile lines, crow’s feet near your eyes, forehead lines, cheeks, wrinkles on your lips, and nasolabial folds or the lines from your mouth to the nose. Since your face is unique, the wrinkle patterns you suffer from are also unique. The right injections will depend on your unique facial skin and the issues you are facing. During your consultation, Cynthia will evaluate your skin and decide on the type of fillers and a combination of fillers that will work best for your face.

Voluma Treatment

*Individual results may vary

What can you treat with the specific Juvéderm fillers?

Juvéderm Voluma XC:

adds volume to your face and gives you results that last for about 2 years. It is mostly used in the cheek area to lift the skin and give you the youthful volume you desire.


helps correct moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds. The results will last anywhere from 9 months to a year.

Juvéderm Vollure:

also helps with adding lost volume and eliminate lines that are formed in the corners of your mouth as well as the chin and jawline.

Juvéderm Volbella:

is the best dermal filler for your lips. It offers augmentation, by adding natural fullness to your lips, contours them and also reduces the lines that may have developed around the mouth.

The Ingredients Found In Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers offer long lasting results since your body slowly reabsorbs the material used. Hyaluronic acid is produced by the body to add shape and volume to the skin and it works as a shock and lubricant absorber.

The Juvéderm product is used to fill the grooves and creases in a natural manner. These dermal filler injectables are the best way to deal with tissue lifting and wrinkle filling before you opt for a permanent solution such as a facelift. Filler injections are quite popular with our patients since they do not require any downtime and they are also quick to administer.

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