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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryBethenny Frankel Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgeries


While the results of plastic surgery are not an uncommon sight on the red carpet, few celebrities are comfortable discussing their procedures in public. However, in a recent episode on her Bravo TV show, 41-year-old talk show host Bethenny Frankel bucked the trend by openly discussing her experiences with cosmetic breast surgery.

Frankel had issues with the appearance of her breasts as early as her teens, when her sagging breasts frequently made her feel uncomfortable.

“I was in high school and probably about 30 pounds heavier and my boobs used to sag. They were bigger and they were saggy. They would almost like touch your stomach, when you feel like it’s hot and sweaty. I could’ve put a diet Coke can underneath and hold it because they were heavy and saggy.”

After high school, Frankel was able to shed this excess weight. However, she found that weight loss in her late 20s and early 30s resulted in her breasts shrinking in size, which left excess skin on her breasts. “They were small. They were nice. They were probably like a C, but they were really still saggy,” Frankel says.

Frankel initially considered getting a breast lift, but decided against the procedure, because she was nervous about having scars. “I felt self-conscious that as a single woman going out and meeting men. I felt like I would be scared. So, he said put a small implant in it and it will lift it. I ended up with a D, and I didn’t feel like it was right on me. I felt kind of sloppy.”

As Frankel’s career progressed, she found herself feeling increasingly dissatisfied with the state of her breasts. Finally, a few years ago, she returned to the doctor to have her implants removed and breasts lifted. The procedure is made a huge difference in her appearance and feelings of self-confidence, Frankel says. “I did feel much better. I felt like I was a little hotter, you know, a little perkier.”

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