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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryBreast Augmentation and Lift Combo Procedures Produce Results

While traditionally performed separately, many plastic surgeons and patients are seeing great results with combined breast lift and augmentation procedures.

Changes to the breasts can be caused by a variety of factors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and weight changes. Some women with smaller breasts may experience ptosis (sagging breasts) and want to get the entire package when they consult their surgeon. Larger or medium-sized breasts can dwindle over time, and this is often accompanied by a drooping of the nipples.

There are many obvious benefits to a procedure that could offer women the chance to combine their breast augmentation and mastopexy during a single surgery:

  • final results in a single session
  • less time spent in the operating room and hospital
  • no need to operate on scarred tissues

But is this sort of procedure safe? Some physicians have argued that combining breast augmentation and mastopexy creates added risks, such as scarring, death of breast tissue, and poor positioning of the implants. Surgeons have argued that the operation is complicated and unnecessarily risky.

However, in a recent study published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ariel Tessone and her colleagues were able to employ a safe, simple mastopexy-augmentation technique that involves resectioning the breast after the implant has been inserted. The study examines 60 patients who underwent this procedure. It reports a high satisfaction rate and a low (10 percent) reoperation rate.

While there are various considerations outlined in the study that would limit the use of this procedure, it seems that augmentation-mastopexy surgery may be a viable option for patients who want to correct both breast sagging and loss of breast volume.

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