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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryEnhance Your Figure with Breast Implants

Are you ready for a spring or summer makeover? Now is a great time to consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery, a popular procedure among women who want to enhance their figure and maintain more feminine body proportions. If you are noticing your breasts are sagging or shrinking with age, or you have always been self-conscious about your breast size and want shapelier breasts, you may be the perfect candidate for a breast augmentation procedure.

Restore Volume Loss with Breast Implants

If you have deflated breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, or you are losing volume in the breast tissue because of the aging process, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery in San Antonio. Breast augmentation is still most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States and can help you achieve a more feminine and curvier figure. We can determine what size and type of implants are appropriate for you during your consultation. The type of implant and placement technique used can help to create a very natural look.

Increase Your Breast Size with Breast Implants

Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery because they want larger breasts. If you have always had small breasts and want to be a larger cup size, we can enhance your figure and improve overall body proportions with breast implants. Dr. Ortegon will take the time to learn about your goals and expectations during your consultation and determine what size of implants will be most appropriate for you based on your body shape. We offer the choice between saline and silicone gel, or gummy bear implants, at our practice. Silicone gel implants tend to have a more natural look and feel while saline implants create a rounder and firmer look.

Patients who want a less-invasive breast enhancement procedure may be better candidates for breast augmentation with fat grafting, an attractive alternative for women looking more a very natural looking and subtle enhancement.

We can help you transform your figure just in time for bikini season with a custom breast enhancement procedure. Schedule your consultation for breast implants in San Antonio with Dr. Ortegon today!

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