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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryEyelift Vastly Improved British Woman’s Vision

Hooded eyelids, otherwise known as heavy-lidded eyes, are a widespread condition that obscures the natural crease in the eyelid. Many celebrities with hooded eyelids, like Madonna, Faye Dunaway, and Renée Zellweger, have benefited from their unique appearance. Unfortunately, however, hooded eyelids can create problems for some people who find their vision obscured by drooping skin. Hooded eyelids can also result in an angry, scowling appearance.

Donna McLean, a 46-year-old London woman, recently told the UK Daily Mail about her experiences with heavy eyelids. Often compared to British celebrities such as Charlotte Rampling or Glenda Jackson, Donna enjoyed her unique appearance for most of her life, as her hooded eyelids set her apart from the crowd. As she got older, however, Donna found that her eyelids were sagging more dramatically. It became a real problem:

“The skin under my brow-bone drooped so much you couldn’t see the crease on my eyelid… My lids felt heavy, which was tiring, and I could actually feel the skin of my upper eyelid lying against my lashes. It gave me headaches. It also looked as if I was permanently scowling, and I hated that my children always thought I looked cross.”

Her eyelids tended to obscure her vision so that she had to tilt her head or pull at her eyelids in order to see properly. The mother of three didn’t think much about the option of plastic surgery, since she considered it a sign of vanity, until she discovered that her frugal, down-to-earth grandmother had had an eyelift in the 1970s to correct the same problem. She finally sought help for her hooded eyelids and received a minimally invasive eyelift procedure from London plastic surgeon Dirk Kremer.

Since the procedure, Donna has experienced a dramatic change in her eyesight, and also appears more youthful. Her mother, who also has hooded eyelids, has made an appointment to receive the same surgery. Soon three generations in Donna’s family will have had the same procedure.

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