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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryFat Grafting Surgery: Reduce and Reuse

Though traditional procedures like breast augmentation may get a lot of recognition, many patients are electing to “augment” their bodies using their own fat stores, according to FOX News.

Insight on Growing Trend in Cosmetic Surgery: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

Fat grafting surgery, which is an alternative to somewhat more involved implant procedures, uses stubborn fat deposits from a harvest site on the patient’s own body. This may include the stomach, thighs, flanks or another site.

Once the fat has been removed through liposuction, it is purified. Using a thin needle, your plastic surgeon then injects it into the chosen site.

Your own purified fat can be placed through fat grafting surgery in many areas of the body, like the buttocks or breasts to provide projection and fullness, or to fill dimples. However, one of the most popular sites for fat grafting surgery is the face. When facial fat grafting is performed, your own purified fat can fill deep lines and wrinkles. This is an alternative to dermal fillers for those who would prefer a more natural option.

As a bonus to fat grafting surgery, the downtime is minimal, often less than what it would be for an implant procedure. It is also a long-lasting alternative, after the fat graft has been accepting in the new location by your body.

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