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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryGive your Facelift a Gift

Face lift San Antonio, TXIf you have had a facelift, or are considering what this procedure could do for you, you receive the amazing gift of beauty. A facelift is a gift from you, to you. That in itself is beautiful. To think of giving your facelift a gift may seem strange, but we’ll explain. To give your facelift a gift means to extend its life. Oh! Well, that’s just another gift for you! We’re all about that!

Maintaining the results of a facelift doesn’t take much. These tips can be implemented before you schedule your procedure, or long after, but they should be taken. We’re here to help you.

Get Protection

You may already know that you need to wear sunscreen every day. But did you know the sunscreen in your moisturizer may not be enough? If you spend more than a few hours under the sun, you need broad-spectrum, SPF 30 lotion or cream, and you need to be prepared to reapply. Sunscreen is vital to healthy skin, not only because it minimizes the risk of skin cancer, but also because it protects you from collagen deterioration and, thus, from premature aging.

Get Chill

The word “chill” is often used to describe a state of relaxation. This is what we could all use, and yet what most of us endure is a lifetime of stress. Managing stress reduces your risk of health conditions, it improves your daily life, and it also enables you to age more gracefully. That’s right! Stress is associated with aging because the chemicals that stress induces prevent the telomeres in DNA from fully developing. Short telomeres inhibit the full potential of every cell in the body.

Get Support

As you work to support your skin and the superficial tissues associated with facial aging, you need support in finding the right treatments. That’s where we come in.  Patients of San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery can visit us for surgical procedures, as well as non-surgical skin-boosting treatments such as:

  • Titan IR skin tightening
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • ThermiSmooth or ThermiTight
  • Microdermabrasion

Youthful skin looks beautiful thanks to collagen. After a facelift, or even before, collagen induction therapies are an invaluable tool in your anti-aging arsenal. Learn more! Schedule your consultation with us at 210-614-4320.

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