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The Thigh Gap


Lately there has been a conversation across social media platforms about a bodily feature that isn’t so much a body part as a lack thereof: the thigh gap.

Let’s take a look at what people out there are saying about the thigh gap, and then check out how closely it relates to CoolSculpting – that revolutionary, non-surgical treatment that people all around the country are using to zap away pockets of soft fat in areas like the inner thighs that seem immune to diet and exercise.

Even as support for the thigh gap appears more and more frequently – not just on Tumblr blogs, but in the women we see on TV and in movie posters and in magazines – people also have noted that it’s a dangerous thing to praise, because whether you can even naturally achieve a thigh gap is based on genetics.

In a Jezebel post called Things to Obsess About Instead of a Thigh Gap, Lindy West notes that “there’s nothing wrong with having a thigh gap,” just as there’s “nothing wrong with not having one, if it’s not in the cards.” She also quotes Vonda Wright, a Pittsburgh-based orthopedic surgeon and fitness expert, as saying that:

“The spacing between a person’s legs is based mostly on genetics. And even extraordinarily thin people may not have a body type that can achieve a gap. You have to be both skinny and wide-hipped.”

Indeed, because where your thighs sit in relation to each other has to do with the width of your hips and where the bones rest in their sockets, so for many women, trying to achieve a thigh gap would come up with no real results.

In her piece Mind the Gap: Thinner Thighs Without the Lipo, Alyssa Giacobbe writes about her experience in trying to do away with inner thigh fat via the nonsurgical technology CoolSculpting.

“It’d be nice to own a pair of jeans for longer than six months. And so I opt for CoolSculpting, the most popular of the treatments on offer. How it works: A vacuum-like device suctions the target area and freezes the fat beneath the skin. The crystallized fat cells are gradually broken down, releasing their lipids, which are then eliminated via the body’s lymphatic system.”

Giacobbe goes on to say that “during the hour-long session, my legs feel as if they’re being iced, but there’s no pain.” She also accurately reports that full results can take up to six months to appear, but that “two months in, I’ve already lost a quarter inch on each thigh.”

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