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Not long ago, we blogged about a couple of key considerations in determining if a face lift is a good fit for you. Let’s revisit the topic of the face lift, but today, let’s think about it from another perspective. What is it exactly that makes the face so vital to how others see us? And, for that matter, to how we see ourselves?

Then we’ll address a closely related question: How can you best go about refreshing and restoring your face in order to help it reach its full, youthful potential?

1) The face is an utterly essential part of who we are. But why is that?

The human face is so unique and so different from anything else that we use the term face lift to talk about remodeling all kinds of inanimate objects.

Consider this recent headline from New York: A St. Regis New York Face-Lift Spurs a Glamour Campaign. A luxury hotel, the St. Regis, just completed a renovation with a $90 million price tag. Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods: Taco Cabana’s original location recently got a retro-facelift. This came complete with retro-prices on tacos and drinks.

Those examples are ways of saying that the face is unique. Certainly, other features matter in making strong impressions – after all, there’s a reason why breast augmentation is consistently the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure year after year – but at an almost subconscious level, we all understand that another person’s face is where you look to find out what’s going on with them.

Most adults are naturally very good at reading other people’s faces. When you’re introduced to a person and they shake your hand and look you in the eye, they very quickly form significant impressions about you, not just of your physical appearance, but of your energy and personality as well.

2) What’s the best way to rejuvenate your face and restore the youthful look you want?

As we wrote back in September, in addition to the traditional face lift procedure, there are a variety of available non-surgical procedures, from injectables like Botox to laser skin rejuvenation. When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Ortegon, who will ask you questions and make certain that you understand the strengths of the different available procedures. Through conversation about these options and your personal goals, we’ll put together a complete plan for rejuvenating your face and restoring a fresh, youthful look.

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