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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryJowls: Which Treatment is the Right Treatment?

Dermal Fillers San Antonio, TXJowls. The very word indicates a problem you probably don’t want to live with. The fact is, though, that age robs the face of muscle tone and elasticity. Throw in the dropping of the fat pads in the cheeks, and you have prime conditions for the jawline to become soft, then saggy.

There are numerous reasons why most of us will struggle with jowls at some point in our aging process. Genetics plays a factor, as can lifestyle habits such as smoking or even sleeping on the side of the face. For the most part, though, it is the simple loss of collagen and volume that causes that drop of fatty tissue and skin off the sides of the lowest part of the face.

Whatever the cause of jowls, we know that living with this appearance of droopiness can have an enormous detrimental impact on well-being. What many people don’t realize is that there are ways to decrease the appearance of jowls, or even eliminate them altogether, and not all of them require surgery.

Early Signs of Aging

It is possible to take action the very moment you start to notice changes along with your jawline. One of the most convenient and minimally-invasive ways that contours can be restored across the lower face is to reinstate the structure of the mid-face with dermal fillers. The product most often used to add volume to the cheeks is Juvederm Voluma™ XC. The denser consistency of this filler makes it well-suited to integration in deeper tissues for longer lasting results. Rounding out the cheeks with filler often resolves newly-formed jowls.

Moderate Sagging

The worsening of jowls means that collagen loss has become more substantial. Energy treatments such as Titan Skin Tightening or ThermiAesthetics may be an excellent way to excite collagen production in fibroblast cells. These treatments heat dermal tissues for an immediate retraction of collagen fibers, which promptly smooths overlying skin. The initial tightening may be only temporary but will be followed by the progressively tighter skin as new collagen forms around existing strands.

Severe Jowls

Jowls that are prominent and impossible to ignore may require facelift surgery for full correction. The facelift procedure may center on the lower face only, lifting weak tissues and reconnecting them to their previous, higher position across the midface. In some instances, liposuction may be performed to remove rogue fatty deposits.

The development of jowls is one of the concerns we frequently address in our San Antonio cosmetic surgery office. To learn which treatment is right for you, call 210-614-4320.



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