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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgerySwelling after Liposuction: What to Expect and What to do

Liposuction san antonio | San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery Today, losing unwanted fat may look a lot different than it did just a decade ago. Many men and women are turning to non-surgical fat-reducing treatments to shed excess circumference. While there are advantages to such treatments, there are also limitations. This is why liposuction continues to be one of the leading cosmetic surgery procedure performed. The safe and effective technique has evolved over time, now involving tumescence to break apart fat cells before gentle extraction through suction. Still, post-surgical swelling is something that every patient should expect. And you know what they say, expect the unexpected!

A Snail’s Pace

If we were to tell you that it can take a good 12 months for complete and total recovery as far as swelling is concerned, you might actually second-guess your interest in liposuction for a better body. Fortunately, that bit of information goes hand in hand with this detail: most of the swelling that occurs during recovery fades away within weeks, not months. So, what remains is subtle enough that it will not impede your sense of satisfaction with your procedure.

Account for Variance

When you think of having surgery and then recovering, you probably imaging a linear process. You will be swollen and bruised, and then these side effects will fade a little, then fade a little more, until they are completely gone. This isn’t always how it goes, especially with liposuction.

What you should prepare for is a curvy path to ultimate healing. If, on some days, you notice that swelling seems more pronounced, know that this is normal and most likely associated with how much you are moving. You’re doing nothing wrong (unless you’re pushing exercise beyond what your doctor has recommended), this swelling is just a natural occurrence that can be alleviated with elevation.

Get Support

Support is your best friend after liposuction. We don’t mean your BFF best friend; we mean that your compression garment that gives you support will be your best friend. Compression does two things. First, it may hold drains in place, if you have them. Second, compression gently holds tissues as they heal so unnecessary disruption does not occur. No unnecessary disruption means a lower risk of excessive swelling.

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