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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryMastectomy Patients Prefer Silicone Implants, Finds Survey

Following breast cancer treatment and a possible mastectomy, patients have many continued treatment options moving forward. If the patient has undergone a partial or full mastectomy, she may choose to undergo breast reconstruction and make the decision to have breast implants to restore the breast.

A recent survey published in the journal Cancer found that women who had undergone a mastectomy and chose silicone implants were more satisfied with the result than those who had chosen saline implants. The survey included nearly 500 North American women who had undergone a double mastectomy; 176 chose silicone implants, while 306 chose saline implants.

“We now know that women who elect to proceed with the placement of a silicone implant report higher satisfaction with their reconstructed breasts than those who choose saline implants,” said Dr. Colleen McCarthy, a New York-based surgeon who led the survey.

McCarthy added, however, that patients should discuss implant options with their doctor as many factors play a role in what type of implant the patient may prefer. She reiterated that patient satisfaction is high when it comes to postmastectomy implant-based reconstruction in general.

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