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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgerySun Spots Don’t have to be a Dark Cloud over Beauty

Med Spa San Antonio, TX | San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryIf only we knew when we were young that spending all those summers outdoors without sunscreen would come back to haunt us later in life. What we may have done differently. Many adults take excellent care of their skin, washing, and toning and moisturizing and protecting it from the harm of UV rays. These are great actions to take, but they may not save us from the dreaded development of sun spots.

The discoloration of sun-exposed areas such as the arms, hands, chest, neck, and face may be referred to as “liver spots” or “age spots” (that hurts). Most of the clumps of melanin are the result of sun damage. That’s just factual, nothing good or bad about it. Where there is a ray of light is the hope for correction. If you’ve got sun spots, you don’t have to let them muddy up the beauty of your skin. There are skin-renewing treatments that are affordable, comfortable, and reliable for adding new life to aging skin. In our San Antonio office, patients may choose . . .

Chemical Peels

Medical grade chemical peels are a way of manually exfoliating the skin. This treatment involves lying comfortably on the spa table and having a mild chemical solution applied to the skin. The strength of a chemical peel is completely customized based on preference and desired outcome. A lighter peel will be easy to manage due to very mild flaking and redness after treatment. However, this means only the very uppermost cells are removed. Deeper peels lead to more intense peeling and redness, and they reach a greater state of improvement in tone and texture.

Laser Genesis Treatments

Laser treatments are popular because they can address numerous concerns simultaneously. The Laser Genesis can improve the tone and texture of the skin by supporting collagen rebuilding over several months’ time. Treatment is completed in approximately 30 minutes and causes minimal, temporary skin redness or irritation that usually lasts no more than an hour or two.

We perform several comfortable treatments to aid in the reduction of sun spots. In addition to chemical peels and laser treatments, our patients may also consider microneedling, LimeLight IPL, and microdermabrasion.

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