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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryNew Study Surveys the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, a procedure that corrects overly large breasts, is often employed as a means of aesthetic improvement. However, many people don’t know that the surgery can also provide a wealth of physical and psychological benefits to women. A study in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which involved a survey of previous studies dating back to 1977, has highlighted the many ways in which breast reduction surgery can offer a variety of benefits: from improved sleep to better sex.

Back and neck pain is among the most common physical complaints that lead women to pursue breast reduction surgery. Over many years, heavy breasts can weigh sorely on the back, and some women even experience degenerative spinal changes as a result. Breast reduction surgery can reduce or even eliminate chronic pain linked to heavy breasts.

Chronic headaches and migraines can often be alleviated by breast reduction surgery. Patients report that the headaches become less frequent and less severe.

Better breathing, resulting from less weight on the chest, offers a variety of benefits. These can include improved tolerance for exercise, fewer problems for people with breathing problems, and better sleep patterns. Of course, more fulfilling sleep also offers its own set of benefits!

Other health benefits include:

  • easier breast self-examinations, along with better chances to detect breast cancer on early onset
  • reduced likelihood of developing or maintaining an eating disorder, and less weight as a result
  • better exercise practices with improved breathing and balance, as well as reduced pain

Better self-esteem follows when women no longer feel that their breasts are attracting unwanted attention. This contributes to an overall better quality of life with less anxiety and depression.

Improved sex lives are a common factor, according to various studies. “Women are more willing to engage in sexual activities and are more comfortable without their clothes on after reduction mammaplasty,” write study authors Dr. Kimberly Singh and Dr. Albert Losken.

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