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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat you may not Realize about the Facelift

botox san antonio tx | San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryMany people want to renew their youthfulness by minimizing the effects of time on their face. Lines and wrinkles are one thing, but there are other issues associated with the aging process that may be more challenging. This is why the surgical facelift remains so popular. Using minimally invasive techniques and attention to tiny details, there is little concern related to inauthentic looking results. Here, we will discuss some of the primary concerns that can be significantly reduced in the facelift procedure.

Flat Cheeks

As popular as Botox is for its ability to reduce forehead lines and raise the eyebrows, much of the domino effect of aging originates in the cheeks. As we age, the layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin starts to degrade. The amount of fatty tissue across the mid-face decreases by about a teaspoon each year, and this really adds up over time. Sure, we can add some volume back into the cheeks with dermal fillers or autologous fat. However, the substructure also needs to be there to support this addition, and this is what is redraped during the facelift.

Nasolabial Folds

When there is less fatty tissue beneath the surface, the overlying skin has little structure over which to fall. Coupled with the loss of firmness and elasticity that occurs over time, the lack of volume also lends to the development of what we like to call smile lines. There really isn’t a way to make these creases between the nose and the mouth, known as nasolabial folds, sound appealing. There is a way, though, to make them disappear; by adjusting the superficial muscles and skin across the mid-face.


We could add adjectives to describe the appearance of jowls, but that really isn’t necessary. We all know the trouble spot across the jaw line, and we know that when pockets of fat start to hang over the edge, there is no going back. Very few, if any, non-surgical skin tightening treatments are successful at the long-term correction of sagging jowls. The facelift procedure is still the best solution for those who want to reinstate the angles across the jaw line.

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