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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryThe Options that Come with Your Breast Augmentation

You’ve decided to undergo a breast augmentation. Congratulations! You’re on your way to a new, confident you. However, you should know that the process will come with some decisions that you’ll need to discuss during your consultation. These include decisions that will directly affect your results and the way your new breasts look and feel. Here are some choices to begin thinking about before you show up for your consultation.

What type of implant do I want?

Most people have probably heard of silicone implants, but there are more options than that, and each have their own benefits and considerations. Silicone implants are famous for looking and feeling the most natural (at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, we offer many gel implants which are safe and silicone-filled). Another option is saline implants, which have a silicone shell that is placed within the incision and then filled with saline (sterilized salt water). These can be placed within a smaller incision, since they don’t need to be filled first.

What kind of incision do I want?

This will depend largely on what type of implant you choose, but you do have options. Incisions can be placed inframammary (underneath the crease of the breast), trans-axillary (within the armpit), and peri-areolar (around the areolae). Each of these will offer different techniques for hiding scarring and aiding in placement.

Where do I want the implant?

An implant is placed under the breast, of course, but there’s more nuance than that. The implant can be either sub-glandular, meaning the implant is placed underneath the breast tissue and glands, or sub-muscular, meaning it’s placed underneath the breast muscle. If placed sub-glandular, you might have better projection and more natural movement, but the implant might be more obvious. Sub-muscular may feel more natural, depending on the implant being used, but might cause greater discomfort and longer recovery.

It might seem overwhelming at first, but our trained medical staff can help you determine the best treatment plan for your anatomy. Dr. Ortegon can answer any questions you might have during your consultation, which you can schedule by contacting our office.

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