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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryRapid Recovery Breast Augmentation: What to Expect

The recovery stage is one of the most important parts of your breast augmentation procedure. Thanks to the latest innovations in plastic surgery, you can now enjoy the benefits of rapid recovery breast augmentation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ortegon. Rapid recovery breast augmentation means you can return to your lifestyle sooner and with less discomfort than traditional breast augmentation. However, it is still helpful to know what to expect during your recovery!

Shorter Recovery Timeframe

As the name implies, rapid recovery breast augmentation comes with a much shorter timeframe than traditional techniques. However, many patients don’t realize how much shorter a recovery they can expect. Rather than a few days of initial downtime before returning to work with additional healing over the course of a few weeks to months, rapid recovery breast augmentation means that typically, you can return to your schedule within two to three days of surgery. This is accomplished by minimizing bleeding and trauma during surgery, so your body has less inflammation after surgery, as is common in traditional breast augmentation.

Less Discomfort

With traditional breast augmentation, plastic surgeons often prescribe painkillers to help with discomfort and soreness that comes with the initial recovery. With rapid recovery breast augmentation, Dr. Ortegon uses a long-acting nerve blocker in the chest area which prevents pain for the first few days of recovery. For breast augmentation that includes sub-muscular implant placement, this can be especially valuable. This can allow you to rest and recover without discomfort, as well as participate in some specific stretches and movements which can reduce complications like capsular contracture.

Greater Ability for Movement

Because of the nerve blockers used with rapid recovery breast augmentation, you can move and go about your activities with a much greater range of movement and the ability to reach and lift. Although you should still take it easy, this can help you keep your implants mobile and potentially reduce excessive scar tissue formation. It can also help them more easily settle into a natural position. You can also complete your regular tasks so you don’t experience too much interruption in your schedule.

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