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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryHow Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Works

If you’re researching your options for breast augmentation, you probably know that your recovery is the most important part of achieving excellent results. You should know, though, that the rapid recovery breast augmentation method is a highly effective way to get back on your feet after your procedure, without the extended downtime. Here’s what you should know about this new recovery regimen.

During your procedure

A rapid recovery starts in the operating room with carefully-controlled factors as your breast augmentation occurs. After choosing the best implant for your unique anatomy, tissue makeup, and aesthetic goals with your plastic surgeon, it’s important to ensure the procedure as minimally-invasive as possible. Avoiding handling or manipulating the affected tissues, implants, and blood vessels too much is an important step in reducing swelling, trauma, and the likelihood of infection, meaning you’re already a step ahead of some traditional breast augmentation techniques. It can also include the use of an extended nerve-blocker that can last for the first few days, preventing most pain or discomfort.

During your recovery

If the above factors are met, there’s much less need for painkillers or heavy medications during your recovery. For a rapid recovery, your plastic surgeon will recommend a plan that includes taking anti-inflammatory medications sparsely and supplementing with easy exercises for the arms and chest to keep the implants from resting in one spot for too long. This helps prevent capsular contracture and also helps the chest accommodate the new implant more quickly. There are generally no drains to worry about, since the careful handling of the tissues prevents buildup of fluids.

Does it work?

Although it might sound like it’s too good to be true, the rapid recovery method is simply mindfulness of the factors that contribute to an extended recovery. With recovery in mind and the skills to produce great results with minimal trauma, your plastic surgeon can set you up for a quick and effective recovery, cutting your downtime nearly in half.

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