Independent Patients Seek Advanced Breast Reconstruction Procedures

An increasing number of breast cancer patients are seeking microsurgical breast reconstruction, according to a study in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Doctors surveyed more than 300 women who had undergone breast reconstruction, all at a single institution.  Data was gathered about their age, background, referral patterns and decision-making processes.

The conclusion was that patients seeking microsurgical breast reconstruction were:

  • Independent decision-makers for health care services
  • More likely to seek out a reconstructive surgeon on their own
  • Likely to go online to research breast reconstruction procedures

Breast reconstruction procedures such as Free TRAM flap, DIEP Flap, SIEA Flap and SGAP Flap were classified as a “highly sought after” amongst this group.  The key difference with these microsurgical procedures is the reconnection of blood vessels from the donor site to the reconstructive site.

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