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San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery“Revenge Surgery” Really for Self-Improvement

Following a divorce, some singles may choose what some are calling “revenge surgery,” though one plastic surgeon told FOX News that the desire for treatment can be caused by more than a need for revenge.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Lapuerta, women and even some men who are recently divorced are turning to plastic surgery to get a new lease on life. Often, he says, these individuals turn to plastic surgeons to help them improve the way they look and their confidence as they reenter the dating pool. Rather than using the term “revenge surgery,” Dr. Lapuerta says he sees patients who are motivated to improve themselves instead of getting back at their exes.

Dr. Lapuerta says he would not operate on someone who was motivated to get “revenge surgery,” but says patients should be healthy and motivated for the right reasons. He adds that patients who are recently divorced may need a bit more time to think about the reasons for undergoing a major surgery. Dr. Lapuerta says he needs to ensure that his patients don’t rush into the surgery with the wrong mindset—he wants to understand each patient’s unique motivations.

The most popular post-divorce procedures he performs for women include:

Men most often look to improve the apparent age of their face and might undergo eyelid surgery or a neck or facelift.

Dr. Lapeurta says that as a plastic surgeon, he sees many patients with improved self-confidence after a procedure and counts that as one of the perks of his job.

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