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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWant Tighter Skin? Take a Look at Titan!

skin tightening san antonio | San Antonio Cosmetic SurgerySkin tightening can do wonders for your appearance. As the natural degradation of collagen occurs with age, you may find yourself in the “in-between,” that place where you want look younger but aren’t quite at the point of needing a facelift. Many of the men and women we meet in our San Antonio plastic surgery office express that they would like to age more gracefully without surgery. We are happy to accommodate, and Titan skin tightening treatment is here to help us.

Why Titan is Suitable for Every Skin Type

In recent years, we have witnessed the development of numerous skin-tightening treatments. Some work based on laser energy; some from an ultrasound platform, and some with radio frequency. Titan is somewhat different. The skin-tightening results achieved with the Titan come from infrared light. The gentleness of IR energy is appropriate for all skin tones and can also be obtained if you’ve recently been kissed by the sun. Other skin-tightening treatments may require you to wait until your tan has faded.

Why Titan is so Popular

Most skin tightening treatments center on addressing laxity on the face and neck. Titan can tighten skin in these places, and also on the back, thighs, arms, abdomen, and chest.

In addition to the flexibility of Titan treatment, patients appreciate the speed at which they begin to notice results. One of the downfalls of non-surgical skin tightening is that most treatments work through collagen induction, which can mean gradual improvement over the course of up to 8 months. The infrared light emitted by the Titan device actually heats water molecules in deep dermal tissues. The result is an instant contraction of collagen fibers, and an ongoing increase in production, which rebuilds the protein strands that have begun to fray.

If you want to gain control over your aging process now rather than later, we are here to help you. San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, PA offers a comprehensive selection of surgical and non-surgical procedures to rejuvenate the face and body. Call our office at 210-614-4320 to schedule your consultation.



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