Some Doctors Recommend Light/Laser Treatments in Winter


While many people spend more time indoors during the cool, darker winter months, this chilly time may also be an opportunity to visit a surgeon’s office. In a recent New York Times story, several dermatologists suggest that many patients should consider laser treatments in the winter months, because they will have lighter skin from the lessened sun exposure. With more layers of clothing, patients may also be able to cover up post-operative effects and heal more easily.

In the article, dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Dover suggests that his patients book laser and light treatments following the Halloween holiday. Laser treatments, which are often used to remove skin spots or tattoos, are typically not performed on tan skin because the pigment in your skin (melanin) absorbs the light and can cause some undesirable side effects.

One recent study found that treatments of intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser treatments both improved skin texture, pore size, and sebum secretion. The study also showed that IPL was a faster treatment, but laser treatments more greatly improved skin tone and macula.

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