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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryPlastic Surgeons May Have Access to New Synthetic Collagen

A new type of synthetic collagen may prove beneficial for plastic surgeons if testing continues to show success, according to ScienceDaily.

Scientists at Rice University, where the synthetic collagen is being developed, say it is much different from other collagen products available today. For one, the scientists say it much more closely resembles natural collagen, which is a key component in your body. For plastic surgeons, collagen is often recognized as what gives volume to your face, helping to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful. Collagen makes up many of the key structures of your body like connective tissues and cartilage. A plastic surgeon may need to access your cartilage when performing otoplasty or rhinoplasty.

Most synthetic collagen used today is often derived from humans or animals. Because it can present immunological risks, animal-derived collagen may not always be the first choice of plastic surgeons who use synthetic collagen.

The scientists also noted that this new version of synthetic collagen is created in a way that mimics natural processes. This self-assembly process was developed over several years.

While this initial news is good, researchers say they still do not know if the synthetic collagen will behave in the same manner that natural collagen behaves in the body. To that end, researchers add that possible clinical trials could still be five years away.

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