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Using breast reconstruction to reclaim your natural body

For every patient, even being victorious in the battle against breast cancer comes at a price. There’s the emotional scarring that comes with enduring treatment, and then there’s the literal scarring that comes with having a mastectomy. This being the case, for many women, embracing breast reconstruction is one of the final hurdles in beating breast cancer and reinvigorating your life.

This entire month has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month, (also known as BCAM) but we wanted to pause and reflect specifically on October 16th, which was the 2nd annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day).

BRA Day exists for a very specific reason, namely because a lot of women aren’t aware about breast reconstruction, and/or don’t have access to information about it. The simple truth is that breast cancer survivors who have a mastectomy (single or double), while on one hand, are victorious in their fight against a pernicious disease, and on the other, are left both literally and permanently scarred from the battle.

It’s our philosophy that breast reconstruction offers a way to counter both types of scarring. By restoring a patient’s breasts in a way that meets her specific goals, she’s able to not only once again look classically feminine, but feel that way, too.

This is all in keeping with the purpose of BRA Day, which is to empower breast cancer survivors by letting them know they have good options when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery.

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