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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryThe Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation

As you age and go through normal life changes, the shape and size of your breasts change. You might find that your breasts droop more than they used to, or that you’re not happy with the volume you have. You might be wondering about the benefits of cosmetic surgery. But what procedure should you be looking for? There are multiple breast procedures that can change the appearance of your breasts. However, they vary in both the methods used and the final goal. Some surgeries can make your breasts perkier, while others can remove excess skin, and still, others can increase your volume.

A breast lift and breast augmentation are two different procedures that are both extremely popular. To make the final decision on which is best for you, you should consult with a plastic surgeon. At San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery we have a highly experienced, well-trained team of plastic surgery professionals who can help you to reach your goals.

Breast Augmentation

Augmentation is the procedure you’ll want if you’re looking for larger breasts. Before the surgery, you’ll need to decide on four key areas: the incision placement, size, and shape of the implants, type of implant, and any potential risks.

A periareolar incision is done around the areola and trans-axillary incisions are made in the armpit
and help minimize visible scarring. The most common incision is inframammary, which is underneath the breast fold. Implants can be placed either behind the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue.

Placing them behind the chest muscle provides a more natural look. The size and shape of your implants will vary depending on your goals, chest width, current breast tissue, lifestyle, and other considerations.

Silicone implants are the most natural feeling, and they’re least vulnerable to rupture. When they do rupture, they don’t cause the deflation that a saline implant does. Saline implants are ideal for people with ample natural breast tissue. Each kind of implant has FDA approval. At San Antonio Cosmetic

Surgery we offer a few different types of implants such as:

  • Natrelle® Saline-Filled Implants
  • Natrelle® Silicone Implants
  • Natrelle Inspira® Cohesive Implants • Natrelle Inspira® SoftTouch Implants

Breast Lift

Aging, childbearing, and weight fluctuations can all cause volume loss in the breasts. This leads to drooping. A breast lift surgery retains the breast volume and reshapes the breast to avoid drooping. Breast lift procedures can follow three approaches. With a peri-areolar incision, the incision follows the areola. It’s ideal for individuals with large breasts and minimal necessary correction. A vertical breast reduction approach also uses the areola, but the incision continues downward so more severe drooping can be addressed. An inverted-T incision follows the same path as the vertical breast reduction, but there’s an additional incision in the fold of the breast.

Inverted-T is most commonly used and has the maximum potential for a breast lift. Different people may benefit from different techniques depending on how much breast tissue they have that needs lifting. If you want to correct drooping and add volume, you might be able to have both a breast lift and augmentation at the same time.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Sometimes one procedure is not enough to achieve the ideal look. If you have severely sagging breasts or breasts that are deflated looking, you can opt to get a breast lift with augmentation. This procedure allows us to lift the breasts back to the perky position while also giving them more shape and creating an improved contour. Combining these two procedures is the best way to get the most of your breast surgery. If you are interested in learning more about your breast surgery options and how to get your ideal look, contact San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more.

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