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There are so many products available for your skin; it can be very overwhelming for any consumer to wade through all of the creams, ointments, and cleansers. We are constantly bombarded with commercials, print ads, and marketing tactics that claim to be perfect for protecting your complexion. It can be hard to trust any of the products available. When it comes to skin care, it seems like common sense to turn to someone you trust with the rest of your body – your plastic surgeon.

Learn about medical grade skin care and the science behind it.

When you have the stomach flu or a broken bone you turn to your physician for a solution. Ailments with your skin should be treated no differently. Your skin is considered the largest organ of your body, so seeking medical advice for the upkeep of healthy and happy skin makes perfect sense. There are several product lines available that are considered medical grade skin care products because they incorporate the newest and most exciting scientific advancements for skin care maintenance.

Skin care lines offered by your plastic surgeon’s office will have a more scientifically advanced formula as well as a more patient specific regimen cocktail for you to choose from. Most medical grade skin care lines offer a combination of natural antioxidants and scientific acids to promote the natural production of things like collagen and elastin while reducing the appearance of imperfections and aging.

The truth is, science is incorporated in all skin care products. However, skin care products your physician carries in his or her office or recommends contain a higher quality and more potent medicine for the treatment of skin conditions. Your results will be that much more drastic as opposed to buying your cleansers and toners from your local drug store. Skin care lines such as VIVITE, Obagi and Skinceuticals offer the most effective cocktail of these scientific approaches to beautiful skin.  Anything from mild acne to severe skin damage and discoloration can be treated.

For a better idea of what skin care regimen is right for you, click below to consult your plastic surgeon. An evaluation of your skin type will help you and your board-certified plastic surgeon coordinate the most complimentary skin care regimen for you to achieve your desired outcome.


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