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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryUnderstanding the Latest Lunch Hour Treatments

Quick and Convenient Anti Aging Treatments

Are you both time-strapped and bothered by wrinkles? We have injectable treatments that provide a quick and convenient solution for lines, wrinkles, and folds caused by aging.

Botox and Fillers in San Antonio

San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery offers some of the most popular injectable treatments.

  • Botox® is the most popular brand of injectable botulinum toxin. Comparable treatments include Dysport and Xeomin. In 2012, these were the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures in America. They treat newly formed facial lines with an injectioin into the tiny muscles that contract and cause formation of lines. After treatment, the muscles relax and wrinkles gradually flatten out.
  • Injectable fillers like Juvederm or Restylane can treat deeper wrinkles and facial lines. They can also be used for adding volume to facial features like your lips.
  • For a long lasting wrinkle correction, fillers like Radiesse and Sculptra can stimulate collagen production for enduring results.

Injectables Provide Quick Solutions for Busy People

They’re called “lunch hour treatments” because they can be finished within one hour. These are ideal for busy San Antonians who want a quick, but effective, solution for wrinkles around their mouth, forehead, and eyes.


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