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Labiaplasty San Antonio, TXWomen have a vast number of wants and desires just as they think about how they look and feel on a daily basis. We can find evidence of the empowerment women have gained in the large selection of treatment options aimed at facial and body rejuvenation. Age has become something that women (and men) have more control over. Recently, this level of control has expanded into an area previously not discussed.

Vaginal atrophy is a problem that women have historically handled with some form of silent resignation. The concerns were always there – vaginal dryness, itching, stress urinary incontinence – but discussion about these problems just didn’t happen. Even recent history demonstrates that less than 15% of women would talk with their doctor about sexual health concerns. As new technologies have been developed, women are finding it easier to express their interest in sexual wellness, and do something about it.

To properly support vaginal health, medicine needed to uncover the origin of vaginal atrophy. Interestingly, and wonderfully, what science has discovered is that the mucosa that lines the vaginal canal relies on strong collagen just like the skin depends on collagen for firmness and suppleness. From this revelation came an innovative approach to treating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. We are pleased to offer ThermiVa to patients of our San Antonio practice.

ThermiVa is a painless, non-surgical method of feminine rejuvenation that has been used with increased frequency the more awareness has surged. Treatment takes only a few minutes, and it prompts collagen rebuilding within the vaginal mucosa through the delivery of radiofrequency energy. Over time after treatment, the absorption of energy stimulates the reformation of collagen and elastin fibers. This provides improvements such as:

  • Reduction or elimination of stress urinary incontinence.
  • Improved sexual pleasure due to the marked reduction in vaginal dryness.
  • The decrease in unpleasant symptoms such as itching or pain.
  • Reduced risk of frequent urinary tract infections.
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication supports general sexual health.

Feminine Rejuvenation is a trend that is here to stay. To learn more about ThermiVa treatment and what it can do for you, call San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery at 210-951-2483.

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