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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat Should I Avoid After Breast Augmentation?

Although it might seem simple, recovery after a breast procedure can require following some important after-care instructions to make sure you recovery quickly and successfully. Especially if you undergo implant surgery, there are some things you should be sure to avoid in the days following your surgery. Although you’ll receive full instructions from our office, here are some things to consider as you plan your recovery.

Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach

With all types of implants, it’s important to avoid putting pressure on them or your incisions while you sleep or relax. You should be sure to sleep on your back and avoid rolling over while you sleep. One way to ensure this is to use lots of pillows to create a nest for yourself. If you don’t normally sleep this way, it can be helpful to do this for a few days before your surgery so that you’re not uncomfortable immediately after your surgery.

Avoid wearing your everyday bras

At the end of your surgery, you’ll be fitted with a compression garment that’s similar to an athletic bra. This helps support your new implants and compress the area, aiding blood flow. It’s important to avoid wearing underwire or pushup bras, as these can irritate the incisions or displace the implants during healing. Always check with Dr. Ortegon before removing your surgical bra for an extended period of time.

Avoid touching or feeling your incisions

Although you’ll be ecstatic to feel your results, it’s important to avoid introducing bacteria or harmful materials to the area. Be sure to wash your hands before you touch your incisions if you need to change any dressings, and resist the urge to feel or squeeze your new implants so that your body can naturally adapt to them. If you’ve taken painkillers, it’s even more important to avoid touching them, since you won’t have any feedback to know how much pressure is too much. In some cases, pain can be a good thing!

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