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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat to Expect During Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilin butt lift is on the rise! More and more patients are asking about this procedure to help lift the buttocks for a more youthful, perky behind. Because this procedure uses the patient’s own fat to help augment the buttocks, there are minimal side effects and long-lasting results. However, before undergoing this popular procedure, it is important to understand what to expect during recovery. Read on to learn more.

Initial Recovery

Right after surgery, you can expect to have bruising and swelling in the area where fat cells were harvested. Discomfort may also occur, which can be managed with pain medication. However, patients should switch from narcotics to Tylenol before planning on driving.

While every patient will heal differently, most people should be up and walking a couple of days after surgery.

Wear Your Compression Garment

Following your procedure, you will need to wear a special compression garment to help treat the areas where liposuction was performed. Patients should wear this compression garment for about eight weeks to ensure that they heal properly.

Do Not Sit on Your Buttocks

It is very important that, following your Brazilian butt lift, you do not sit directly on your buttocks for at least eight weeks. This means that you should sleep on your stomach or side, and if you must absolutely sit, it is recommended that you sit on a donut pillow.

Follow these directions are very important to achieve long-lasting results. This is because sitting directly on your buttocks can affect blood circulation in the area, destroying fat cells.

Returning to Activities

High impact activities should be avoided right after surgery, and light activities such as faced-paced walking can be resumed after one month. Most patients can return to their normal activities 6-8 weeks after surgery. Once all of the fat cells have stabilized, more rigorous activities such as jogging can be started.

Overall, it is important that you follow Dr. Ortegon’s specific post-op instructions to help ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. If you are interested in learning more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure in San Antonio, contact our office today to get started!

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