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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat to Know About Allergan’s Textured Implant Recall

Recently, global breast implant manufacturer Allergan voluntarily recalled their BIOCELL® textured implants and tissue expanders because of a concerning link between textured implants and a rare form of lymphoma. Dr. Ortegon would like to assure patients that this recall does not affect patients who received Natrelle® smooth implants from a breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Ortegon. It also does not affect Microcell® tissue expanders used in breast reconstruction. If you’re still considering breast implants in the future, it’s imperative to know that Allergan’s textured implants should no longer be used in breast enhancement surgeries.

If you currently have textured implants, then it’s important to speak with Dr. Ortegon to discuss your options. The FDA has not yet recommended removal or replacement for textured implants and tissue expanders if you’re not experiencing symptoms. However, a board-certified plastic surgeon can ensure you know what signs and symptoms to look for if you opted for textured implants.

Again, Natrelle smooth implants (both saline and silicone) and Microcell tissue expanders are not affected by this recall. However, our patients’ safety and peace of mind is our top priority when it comes to remaining healthy and risk-averse. For any questions about your breast implants and this recall, please contact our San Antonio office by calling 210.951.2483.

Read more about this recall from the official company announcement posted by the FDA.

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