Body Lift

Weight loss can leave you with excess skin and stubborn, localized fat deposits on the middle of your body. This makes it very difficult to celebrate the health benefits of losing weight. The finishing touch often comes through body lift or belt lipectomy surgery.

In San Antonio, highly regarded plastic surgeon Dr. Delio Ortegon perform body lift procedures to remove loose skin and tissue on a person’s midsection.

Choosing a Body Lift: Who’s a Good Fit?

In most cases, patients who undergo body lift surgery have lost about 50 percent of their body weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. After this immense change, discomfort and hygiene issues can be caused by loose skin on the midsection.

To undergo a body lift, you should have a stable body weight, meaning you do not intend on losing any more weight. You should also be a non-smoker as this will promote a healthy recovery.

Your Body Lift in San Antonio

During your consultation, Dr. Ortegon will detail the customized techniques they will use for your surgery. Generally, though, a body lift takes two to five hours to complete and is done under a general anesthesia. Dr. Ortegon will take care to make incisions in the natural folds of your skin where they are minimally visible.


Before and After Body Lift, San Antonio TX

The procedure is performed in a circumferential manner Dr. Ortegon will make incisions around your midsection in order to remove the belt of excess hanging skin. They will also use liposuction to remove localized fat deposits. When they have removed an adequate amount of skin, he will redrape it in a more taut appearance and close the incisions with sutures.

Body lift surgery is frequently combined with other post-bariatric (weight loss) procedures for a comprehensive approach. The doctor may also recommend procedures such as arm lift, breast lift, tummy tuck and other skin-tightening techniques.

The Results

Your body lift can be done in a single operation or in several stages, so your recovery time varies. This is an extensive procedure, so you should be prepared for some downtime. After your body lift in San Antonio, you will feel tired and sore and need to stay on bed rest for a day or so. After the second day, Dr. Ortegon will ask you to walk with assistance.

During the initial recovery period, you will have drainage tubes in place to collect fluids and you will wear a compression garment for several weeks as you complete recovery. Follow our plastic surgeon’s specific instructions for your recovery, so you can get back to a normal routine in good time.

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