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If you have lost weight and now experience issues with loose skin or localized areas of fat, you may want to consider body contouring at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery. One of our board-certified plastic surgeon can perform body contouring surgery for men and women who want to improve their body shape following weight loss.

Choosing Body Contouring: Who’s a Good Fit?

Following weight loss, you may experience two major problems: excess skin and stubborn leftover fat. No amount of diet or exercise will eliminate sagging, excess skin because this is skin that has lost its elasticity. Body contouring procedures are designed to remove excess skin and tissue as well as stubborn fat. These operations are often done in stages, but some patients can achieve satisfactory results with one operation.

Body contouring San Antonio procedures can:

Remove additional fat through liposuction

Lift and remove sagging skin with a body lift

Improve the contours and proportions of your figure

If you are healthy non-smoker with a stable weight, you are likely a good candidate to undergo body contouring after weight loss.

Body Contouring in San Antonio: What to Expect

Not everyone has excess skin or stubborn fat in the same areas after weight loss. Choosing a contouring procedure will depend on the areas of your body that you want to correct.

Body contouring after weight loss is not one procedure—it refers to procedures such as liposuction, breast lift, thigh lift, arm lift, or tummy tuck. You and one of our San Antonio plastic surgeon will need to discuss which body-contouring procedures will benefit you. Dr. Ortegon will also inform you whether you can have more than one body contouring surgery performed at the same time.

All procedures will typically involve one or more surgical incisions in the natural folds of skin. The doctor then removes the loose skin to tighten and lift the contour of a specific area. He may also perform liposuction to remove persistent areas of body fat.

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Results and Recovery From Body Contouring in San Antonio

Your healing and recovery period after body-contouring surgery depends upon the procedure (or procedures) that you have performed. For any body contouring procedure you should plan to rest and take time off work.

You will need to wear compression garments that promote skin contraction and minimize swelling. Special drains may also be in place for several days to address fluid accumulation after surgery. In general, those who undergo more than one body-contouring procedure on the same day should expect a longer recovery period.

If you live in San Antonio or near Austin and are interested in body contouring surgery after weight loss, we invite you to call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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