Breast Reconstruction

Post Breast Cancer Mastectomy Reconstructive Surgery

As the most common cancer among women, more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the United States. Beating this cancer often means undergoing a mastectomy procedure, having one or both breasts surgically removed. However, this may not always feel like a win against cancer. Losing a part of yourself to the disease can leave you scarred, both physically and emotionally.

Women who choose to undergo breast reconstruction after breast cancer are often brought to tears once they see their bodies take back the figure that they once knew. If you are ready to take the final step in beating your breast cancer, Dr. Ortegon can help to restore your old self with breast reconstruction.

Who is Breast Reconstruction for?

Our reconstructive breast surgeries here in San Antonio are designed to be fully customized to the unique needs of each individual breast cancer survivor. The procedure is intended for women who have lost one or both breasts to breast cancer and want to restore their figure. You may choose to have breast reconstruction performed immediately after a mastectomy, or can wait a while until you feel ready again to undergo surgery.

Types of Breast Reconstruction in San Antonio

There are different ways of performing reconstructive breast surgery. When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Ortegon, they will speak with you about your goals and expectations and then carefully analyze your condition to determine which breast reconstruction treatment is right for you.

Your procedure may be performed as a:

  • Flap technique: Uses donor muscle, fat and tissue from other areas of the body (such as the abdomen) to reconstruct the breast. TRAM flap breast reconstruction is an example of this procedure
  • Tissue expansion technique: Uses a series of special tissue expanders to stretch the skin so that a breast implant may be placed. This method may take 4-6 months for proper stretching of the skin to occur.

Your physical condition and expectations will determine which reconstructive procedure is best for you.

San Antonio Breast Reconstruction

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our breast reconstruction procedures, please give us a call at 2109512483. San Antonio plastic surgeon, Dr. Ortegon, will be more than happy to provide you with the information that you need to feel comfortable in pursuing your treatment. Once you feel ready, we invite you to schedule your own private consultation so that we can begin helping you to put an end to your struggles with breast cancer.