Breast Surgery in Longhorn, TX

Dr. Delio Ortegon, a board certified reconstructive surgeon, offers excellent aesthetic surgical services in the area of Longhorn through his San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery practice. Each patient gets personal attention, from consultation to aftercare, with the highest quality care from Dr. Ortegon and his team.

We offer a range of surgical procedures, in addition to injectables and noninvasive procedures. However, Dr. Ortegon is famed for his consistently excellent results in breast procedures. His vast experience, expertise, and artistic eye for aesthetic details is the reason why Dr. Ortegon is sought after for breast surgeries.

Women experience several changes to their breast shape size, volume, and texture throughout their lives. Some changes might be subtle, but after going through certain life events like pregnancy or massive weight loss, these changes can be overwhelming. Women choose breast procedures in order to enhance breast size, restoring perky breasts, and reducing large breast size. Dr. Ortegon offers Rapid Recovery Breast procedures since he understands exactly what you desire, and he is committed to giving you natural and beautiful results. They also seek out Dr. Ortegon for breast reconstruction after their breast cancer surgery.

If you are transgender and want to construct new breasts, Dr. Ortegon has the expertise to offer you just the results you desire. Men also suffer from excessive glandular tissue due to several reasons, including hormones, obesity, and aging. Gynecomastia, or ‘male boobs’, may not be painful but definitely socially embarrassing. We can help you with gynecomastia treatment, which reduces the breast size and helps you restore your self-confidence with a chiseled and manly chest. Patients in Longhorn can choose from the following breast procedures:

About Longhorn, TX

Longhorn is a census-designated place in the Bexar County of Texas. Longhorn was a village owned by the Longhorn Cement Company created for employee housing in a distant community far north from San Antonio. Today, San Antonio has expanded north to completely surround the company property and has totally integrated Longhorn into the city.

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