Brow Lift

The brow region is important for the overall appearance of the face. When rejuvenated with a brow lift, the results not only help the area above the eyes, but the eyes themselves. A brow lift can restore the eyebrow arch and open the eye area, as well as correct wrinkles, drooping skin, and furrows.

What Can A Brow Lift Help Treat?

Most of the indications for a brow lift are also common signs of aging. If you experience any of the following conditions you may want to consider a brow lift:

  • Drooping, descended or asymmetric brows
  • Glabellar creases
  • Crow’s feet
  • Horizontal lines and furrows

What Can I Expect During A Brow Lift?

Your brow lift in San Antonio will last between one and two hours and will be conducted with local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of surgery and your personal needs.

After the face is cleansed thoroughly, and the hair is tied back securely, our surgeons will make one incision (or in the endoscopic method, several very small incisions) behind hairline. The forehead skin will then be lifted, and the muscles and tissues removed or altered to create a smoother appearance. The brows are elevated and secured with sutures placed under the skin, or titanium screws behind hairline. Stitches or clips are then used to close the incisions.

Can A Brow Lift Be Combined With Any Other Procedures?

Dr. Delio Ortegon can perform your brow lift as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with a face lift, neck lift, or eyelid surgery.

Recovery and Results Of A Brow Lift

Most patients are able to return to their normal routines between seven to ten days after surgery. After three weeks, most signs of surgery will have diminished. The results of your brow lift in San Antonio can last between five to ten years.

During your consultation, Dr. Ortegon can explain the details of recovery and what you can expect. It is normal for brow lift patients in San Antonio to experience numbness, nausea, incision discomfort and mild swelling. You should limit rigorous activity for several weeks and sun exposure for several months. During a follow-up appointment, any fixation devices will be removed, and the stitches or staples can be removed as well.

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