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Cosmetic surgery can address imperfections on virtually any area of the face. The lower face, neck, forehead, eyelids and cheeks may exhibit signs of aging that you find unsatisfactory. To address these problems, Dr. Ortegon performs these procedures for patients in San Antonio.

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A facelift in San Antonio can correct the signs of aging in the neck and lower region of the face. Our highly regarded plastic surgeons can rejuvenate your facial appearance with improved contour and smoother skin surface. Among the possible aesthetic improvements that result from facelift surgery,

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Brow Lift

The brow region is important for the overall appearance of the face. When rejuvenated with a brow lift, the results not only help the area above the eyes, but the eyes themselves. A brow lift can restore the eyebrow arch and open the eye area, as well as correct wrinkles, drooping skin, and furrows.

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Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is beneficial for individuals who have facial disproportion caused by the nose. If the nose is too large, small, crooked or wide, the aesthetics of the entire face may be thrown off. By reshaping bone and cartilage, Dr. Ortegon can help to achieve symmetry among your facial features. Rhinoplasty may even even help improve breathing for those with structural irregularities

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Chin Surgery

Chin surgery in San Antonio can improve the shape of your chin, through augmentation or reduction of the chin structure. Chin augmentation can be achieved by inserting an implant, or by advancing the tip of the chin bone, a procedure called sliding genioplasty. Chin reduction, conversely, is accomplished by surgically reducing the chin bone.

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Ear Pinning

Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, is used to correct prominent or protruding ears. During surgery, over-sized ears are made smaller by removing a portion of the cartilage, which pins the ears back with permanent sutures so they lie closer to the head.

Otoplasty is one of many rewarding procedures performed by one of our plastic surgeons of San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery. During a consultation at our San Antonio plastic surgery practice, the doctor can explain the details of otoplasty including risks, costs, and benefits.

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Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can enhance the contour of the eyes, reducing age-related imperfections on the eyelids. The procedure works by removing excess fat and skin in order to correct drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes.

At San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, eyelid surgery can be conducted as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with other facial procedures like the brow lift surgery orfacelift surgery.

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