What is a Facelift?

A facelift in San Antonio can correct the signs of aging in the neck and lower region of the face. Dr. Ortegon can rejuvenate your facial appearance with improved contour and a smoother skin surface. Among the possible aesthetic improvements that result from facelift surgery, you can expect to see the following benefits:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced quality of life

Choosing the Facelift in San Antonio: Who’s a Good Fit?

Individuals who exhibit signs of aging in the face such as sagging jowls, deep nasolabial folds and fat deposits around the neck are potential facelift candidates. In addition to these common indications for surgery, those interested in the facelift should be healthy, non-smokers who have reasonable expectations for surgery. High blood pressure, blood clotting problems, and a tendency to form excessive scars may affect the outcome of the procedure, so be sure to keep an open dialog with Dr. Ortegon for the best outcome.

Your Facelift: What to Expect

Your facelift may be performed in an outpatient or inpatient setting with either local or general anesthesia. Be sure to speak with Dr. Ortegon about these options and personal preferences for surgery. Incisions are typically made at the temples, following the natural contour of the hairline in front of the ear and behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. These incisions allow the scars to be concealed easily while they heal and lighten. To improve the neck, a small incision will be made under the chin. The skin is then separated from the fat and muscle below and trimmed and suctioned from the neck and chin areas. Underlying tissues are then tightened, excess skin is removed, and the overlying skin is re-draped. Stitches are used to bind the underlying tissues and to close the incisions for a firm and improved contour.

The Recovery Period and Results

Recovery from a facelift in San Antonio is expected to last between two and three weeks. During this period swelling and bruising will be at its height so it will be important to keep your head elevated at this time and get plenty of rest. Be sure to wear the loose bandage wrapping per your surgeon’s instructions in order to minimize these symptoms. Activity should be limited during this time as much as possible. Your scars are hidden within the hairline and natural facial contours.

More Details About Facelift Surgery in San Antonio

Interested in a facelift in San Antonio? Call us at San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery call at 2109512483 or fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation, or simply to receive more details about the face lift procedure. Our plastic surgery office is well situated for residents of the greater San Antonio metropolitan area. We also regularly serve residents of Austin, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen and Brownsville.

Facelift FAQs

What are the risks of a facelift?

As with any surgical procedure, a facelift comes with a few risks. These risks include bleeding, infection, anesthesia risks, numbness, and more. Dr. Ortegon will go over all the associated risks with you during a consultation appointment.

How long does it take to look normal after a facelift?

The initial recovery from a facelift takes about two weeks. The worst of the bruising and swelling will be subsided at this point. It may take up to a year for residual swelling, bruising, and changes in the skin to resolve.

Is a facelift major surgery?

A facelift is considered major surgery, but it is very commonly done. It requires anesthesia and downtime for the best results and healing.