Lime lightIPL

What is a Lime Light IPL?

The procedure is often referred to as a photofacial, which uses an IPL (intense-pulsed light) to get rid of things like skin spots, spider veins, broken capillaries, redness or rosacea. It can also promote collagen and smooth the skin’s texture. The light waves target and damage hemoglobin or melanin cells to render them less visible through the skin. The process usually consists of several treatments and is noninvasive, meaning it can be a quick and easy way to improve your skin.

Who is a candidate for a Lime Light IPL?

Skin that is prone to flushing, redness, or hyperpigmentation can benefit most from this procedure. It can also treat several other skin problems anywhere on the body, including wrinkles, large pores and sun spots. If your skin is darker or tanned you may not be a candidate for IPL.

What can I expect during a Lime Light IPL?

After determining what areas you would like treated, your professional will cleanse the treatment areas and place a cooling gel over the skin to protect against heat. Your eyes will also be covered with eye shields to protect your vision from the light. A handheld IPL device will then be placed against the skin being treated and light pulses will target the blemished areas. There may be some discomfort similar to that of a rubberband snap, but otherwise very tolerable.  Be sure to avoid tanning and sun exposure 2 weeks prior to your treatment as well as any retinoids or blood-thinning medications.

Results and Recovery

The treated skin may be red with possibly swelling after the procedure and feel similar to sunburn, which usually subsides within a day if not within a couple of hours post procedure. Dark spots may appear darker during the recovery period,  crusting and shedding of crusted over pigmentation can be expected as the skin needs to shed resulting in healthier more even tone skin.  Some skin conditions may take multiple treatments before significant results appear, and can often be treated in conjunction with a regimen of chemical peels.

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